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Yorkshire Burrito 17 & Central Walthamstow

Our Yorkshire Burrito shop can be found in 17 & Central, a shopping centre in Walthamstow that boasts an impressive array of shops for you to explore at your leisure while you chomp on one of our delicious and mouthwatering burritos. 

We aim for our burritos to bring a fresh spark to the classic Sunday Roast, transforming it into a unique burrito made of Yorkshire pudding that you won’t find anywhere else. With fillings that range from beef and chicken to a gluten free vegetarian option, there’s something for everyone. The soft and tenderly cooked meat and vegetables will always go down a treat and leave you craving more. 

Our takeaway options in 17 & Central Walthamstow mean you can enjoy your burrito on the go. Sit at the available dining areas in the mall, perfect for taking a breather while you’re spending a day out with family or friends. 

If you join our club, you will be treated to even more luscious surprises that will enhance your Yorkshire Burrito experience and take your taste buds to the next level. Discounts on items and extra fillings will pack your burrito in 17 & Central Walthamstow with even more flavour than ever before. 

We take great pride in cooking our street food in 17 & Central Walthamstow to perfection, the rich aromas of a Sunday roast drawing in customers from all corners of the shopping mall. Drop by and visit us the next time you’re shopping and discover a brand new way to eat both burritos and roast dinners that will always leave you walking away with a full and happy stomach.

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