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Yorkshire Burrito Market Place Vauxhall

Market Place in Vauxhall is the best place to immerse yourself in unique and diverse flavours, making it the perfect location for our inventive Yorkshire burritos to make their mark. Explore our shop to discover classic tastes in brand new ways, guaranteed to leave you craving for more. 

Our street food in Market Place Vauxhall ensures that there is something for everyone with just enough variety that you will discover something new and exciting in every visit. Try one of our classic Yorkshire Burritos with beef, chicken or cauliflower cheese filling each topped with a drizzle of our signature sauce and wrapped in a light and fluffy Yorkshire Pudding. 

Heighten your experience with one of our tasty sides. Just like our burritos, our loaded roasties and loaded fries are packed to the brim with our succulent and masterfully cooked fillings and you can order extra of everything with your meal to make it a lunch to remember. 

If having a Yorkshire burrito in Market Place Vauxhall doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try one of our luxury burgers served on brioche buns. Choose from chicken or double chicken burgers made with spicy chicken fillets or sink your teeth into a shin burger, comprised of a wagyu burger with cheese and mouthwatering braised beef. 

Make the most of our takeaway in Market Place Vauxhall and eat your Yorkshire burrito on the go as you explore the market and the surrounding area. Take a seat in one of the public dining areas while you snack on your meal. Drink in the sun and watch the world go by in comfort and relaxation before you continue on with your day.

Head down to Market Place in Vauxhall today, find the perfect burrito for you and experience the classic Sunday roast in a way you never have before.

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