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Yorkshire Burrito Buck Street

The home of up-and-coming shops and independent traders, Buck Street is the perfect place to go in Camden Market if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience. Our Yorkshire burritos in Buck Street are the perfect mouthwatering treat to munch on while you drink in the atmosphere. 

Here at Yorkshire Burrito, we capture the flavourful essence of a Sunday roast in a Yorkshire pudding mixture shaped like a burrito. We pack each of our burritos full of meat, vegetables and gravy so that our customers can carry their favourite roast dinner around in their hand for a succulent street food dining experience. 

We try to keep the Yorkshire Burrito menu as authentic as possible by using only the finest ingredients. Our beef is tender and slow-braised, our Yorkshire pudding wrapper light and fluffy and a drizzle of our signature gravy wraps everything together into one perfect package. 
If you’re interested in trying street food in Buck Street, don’t hesitate to drop in and visit us. With our takeaway service, you will be able to enjoy your burrito while you bask in the sun at one of the public sitting areas in the market. You can even take your burritos on the go as you explore the surrounding shops and entertainment in the market 

Grabbing takeaway in Buck Street is the perfect way to experience London on the go. The market has a modern and eclectic vibe while nearby attractions such as Regent’s Park and London Zoo are timeless classics. Yorkshire Burrito marries these two worlds together in a perfect fusion and will always leave you coming back for more. 

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