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Yorkshire Burrito Boxpark Wembley

Boxpark Wembley is a high-end cultural hotspot packed to the brim with food, drink and entertainment for you to dive into. Join a bustling community that prides itself on being the heart of the UK’s street food scene and creating a carefully curated entertainment experience that guarantees something for everyone. 

Our Yorkshire burrito takeaway in Boxpark Wembley allows us to join in the celebration of such a vibrant culture and bring our classic and inventive tastes to even more customers. Take a seat in one of the public sitting areas in the venue and savour the authentic Yorkshire flavours that will leave you with full stomachs and a new appreciation for the versatility of burritos. 

The beef in our burritos is sourced locally from Herefordshire, braised to tender perfection and each burrito is made from a Yorkshire pudding - and wouldn’t be complete without it. 

We strive to bring our burritos to as large an audience as possible and make our mark on Boxpark Wembley’s street food scene. Our club membership rewards you with discounts and limited-time offers to give your Yorkshire Burrito experience a little more zing. You may even find yourselves pampered by some surprise treats that can include extra fillings that pack your burrito with even more flavour. 

You can enjoy our burritos in Boxpark Wembley at your leisure with our takeaway system that brings our food straight to your door though don’t miss out on the experience of walking around Boxpark, burrito in hand as you drink in the electric energy that makes the venue so alluring.
Head down to Boxpark Wembley or order your burrito online and begin your Yorkshire Burrito experience today. Once you try one, you’ll never go back.

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